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AAA Quality Screen Replacement


Full OEM Screen Replacement


Rear Cover Replacement


Rear Camera Replacement


Rear Camera Lens Replacement


Charge Port Replacement


Battery Replacement Service


Liquid Damage Recovery


Carry Out Full Diagnostics


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Xperia X Performance Repairs

FoneFix Honiton will replace the broken screen on your Sony Xperia X Performance for a brand new screen which if chosenfrom our repair options can be sourced direct from Sony. We will test your phone before and after repair to ensure the repair is succesful and this along with the genuine Sony parts used is why we can offer up to a full 2 year warranty on all Sony repairs.

Dont be tempted to opt for a cheaper repair on your Sony smartphone as there are a lot of low quality aftermarket screens available which can cause all sorts of problems with your phone such as battery drain, touch issues and even display failures.

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