Water Damaged Help

What to do if your phone gets very wet or submerged in water, follow steps below:


Very important, under no circumstances should you turn your phone back on or connect to mains charger when the phone is wet as doing so massively increases the risk of causing permanent damage to your smartphone. Would you plug your TV, Hairdryer or any other electrical item in the electricity after dropping in the bath? If the answer is no, then please do not do this to your expensive smartphone, SWITCH IT OFF AND LEAVE IT OFF!


Step 1: If your phone is still switched on then turn it off immediately.

Step 2: If you have a phone where the battery can be removed by the user then remove your battery straight away, if you can not remove your battery then leave the phone powered off.

Step 3: Remove your SIM card and shake as much water or liquid out of the phone as possible.

Step 4: Place your phone in a sealed container with silica gel pouches, if you do not have any silica gel pouches you can use couscous, cat litter or dried oats. Under tests it has been proven that the popular method of rice does not work and absorbs 0% of water from your phone.

Step 5: Leave the phone in the container and place somewhere warm such as an airing cupboard for at least 48 hours.

Step 6: Remove phone from container and replace any battery that was removed in step 2, do not plug in to mains charger.

Step 7: Attempt to switch phone on.


If the phone does not power on then there may be some internal damage, this is where we can help and it is a case of the sooner the better as certain liquids can cause corrosion within the phone very quickly. Of course there is always a possibility when the phone came in to contact with the liquid that permanent damage has been caused.

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